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Punching and Peforation

At Fotedar Engineering Services FZE we have a wide range of tools for scribing, punching and perforation of webs.

Product Range

Laser Perforation Systems are contact-less and produce holes in various materials, such as paper or foil. The position, diameter and pitch of the holes are exactly maintained. In order to ensure this precision and high quality of perforated materials, we have developed optical beam guidance systems for use with special laser sources. For most applications, perforation diameters in the range from 40 µm to 800 µm are produced. Perforation speeds of up to 750 m/min and quantities of more than 1,000,000 perforations per second can be achieved on moving webs of material. Laser perforation is widely adopted for Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) yo extend the shelf life for fresh produce. Another very well established application for Laser perforation is to produce tipping paper for the tobacco industry.

Laser Scribing is the deliberate weakening of the material, designed to make the package opening experience more consistent and easier. Our laser scoring system can be integrated in either the finishing process or the packing line (online). Our customers mainly use the following foils and flexible films:

Non-laminated foils such as PET, APET, PE, PLA, OPP, and PA, and Composite foils such as PET/PE, PET/Alu/PE, and PET/paper/Alu/PE kraft paper etc. In these easy-opening solutions, the material can be scribed in the machine direction, cross direction (free form).
The Laminate structures vary largely due to the nature of the package contents, storage, transport and usage conditions. In scribing one can selectively weaken the top layer. The depth of material weakening is controlled by proprietary software and can be set with immense precision. This means that the barrier properties are not adversely affected by the laser scribing process. There are numerous other applications of Laser scribing such as coding and marking, Microwaveable Vented packaging and Reclose-able Packaging.

Needle Perforation Systems consists of making holes, melting the material, by heating the needles. Needles are installed on interchangeable cylinders on a hot shaft which rotates them. Among the different lines of hot and cold micro-perforators, designed for the processing of large quantities of material. Cold micro-perforation is a low-cost solution still used in many applications. We incorporate large diameter pin-shafts designed to match web speed with ease. Hot micro-perforation is particularly useful when running materials with high tear propagation tendencies such as BOPP. The heating system (divided into three sections of infrared lamps) guarantees a constant temperature, thus making it possible to create perfect holes on every type of thermoplastic material, independently of the
density of holes. Laserpin hot micro-perforation models can work up to a speed of 300 meters/minute. This is commonly used for food packaging, Adhesive tapes, Breathable film for the Hygiene Industry, Medical applications such as Bandages etc.

Ball Punching units make round or shaped holes of different sizes on a moving web, mostly on plastic film. The great advantage of our punching machines is their adaptability to the customer’s requirements and the ease of integration with product lines (i.e. slitters, extruders, bag making machines, laminators). The applications range from Mulch film to holes in Shopping bags for easy venting.

Fresh produce packaging, Large Banners and Pallet Protection film are some of the other applications.

Platen Type Punching Machine can punch not only aluminum foil but also PE, PP, PS, PET, Paper and Laminates. The punching tool layout is optimized for minimizing skeletal waste and has a very long service life. It is used to produce and perfectly stack cup lids, wet glue labels, In Mold Labels (IML), Ice Cream Cones, Paper Cup Blanks and many more applications. This application is extremely popular across the middle east region for Yogurt and Drinking water pots. In addition to punching the machine can be equipped with an embossing unit.

The embossing unit's maximum width is 550mm. It consists of 2 steel rollers(male-female structure) and embossing pattern is made according to customer's needs.

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